In every generation certain men are standouts when it comes to


Regardless of age, look or profession, these men have it, no need to flaunt it. It's natural,

a part of an easy sense of self.

For me, that kind of man was my Father, Fred, for whom this collection is named.

These creations are a tribute to all that this incredible man taught me

about classic style and confidence.

Fred was a professional photographer, film producer and director.  All his life he looked at the world through the eye of a lens.  He noticed the finite details of forms, texture and color.  He taught me that stunning can be subtle and that quality always trumps quantity.

The fusion of these concepts is evident in the unique designs and timeless component materials used in the cufflinks, bracelets and necklaces.

Consider an accessory signature piece for yourself or for that uniquely stylish man in your life.

It's your look.....Wear it Well

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Triple Hematite and Leather Bracelet handwoven black leather with silk using hematite stones with adjustable closure Price $185.00
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Lava Stones and Silver Snake Charm Stretch Bracelet Price $65.00
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Acai seeds and Vintage Findings Stretch Bracelet (1) Price $65.00
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Sterling Silver and 22k Gold Cufflinks Price $120.00
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Handwoven Triple Leather Bracelet available with lava and hemitite stones Price $185.00
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Round Pyrite Stone and Dice Charm Bracelet Price $85.00
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Rugged Pyrite and Sterling Silver Clasp Bracelet Price $120.00
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Pyrite and Skull Bracelet Price $85.00
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Onyx and Sterling Silver Clasp Bracelet Price $120.00
Spanish Coin Bracelet
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This handmade bracelet is designed with a Spanish Coin Image, matte onyx and pyrite stones. Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp Small, which will fit a wrist measuring 6" - 6 1/2" (15.24cm - 16.51cm).Medium, which will fit a wrist measuring 6 1/2" - 7" (16.5...
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Lava and Sterling Stretch Bracelet (1) Price $65.00
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Bracelets with tiger eye and handcarved agate and lave stones. Price $88.00 each.
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Stretch bracelets with carved agate, lava and acai seeds. Price $45 each.
Hand carved leather bracelets
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Hand carved leather bracelets
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